гарри вардон, вардон
гарри вардон, вардон

Harry Vardon (Harry Vardon) – this is one of the few golfers who brought this game to a whole different level of professional and had a huge impact on the sport. Gardener’s son Henry “Harry” Vardon was born in 1870 in Gruvile – is a village on the island of Jersey in England. He attended the local school, where he was director Aubrey Boomer – the father of golf champion Aubrey Boomer and teachers golf Percy Boomer (his sons). When Harry was a child, with his own hands made ​​a small golf course with four-hole golf course which is often amused. But even then it woke up craving for this game. With his own hands he made ​​his first putter and golf ball, and very soon succeeded in doing so. He had no real putters to seventeen years. He trained those clubs who made ​​his own. He worked as a caddy, but he could not exercise often. The latter was due to the fact that he had to work several jobs, as he gave the money to the family, consisting of seven brothers and sisters. At the age of twenty years, he worked as an assistant gardener when his brother Tom (professional master in creating putters, and in future also a professional golfer) convinced him to become a professional golf, and then Harry began his career at the Royal Golf Club in Studley in the town of Ripon in Yorkshire.

Soon, Harry moved to the golf club Bury in Lancashire, which has already had the opportunity to play in tournaments with a higher level and could also improve your game class. .гарри вардон, вардон

Harry used the open stand and was the first to use the grip, which is used now. Due to the tremendous hard work and ingenuity, he starts to go to his triumph. Soon he wins his first British Open in 1896. Earlier this year, beating JH Taylor in Ganton Yorkshire, he became a professional golf. During his career, he set a record: 6 wins British Open. Soon he will go down in the list “of Great triumphators of” the game. The list also includes Taylor (5 titles British Open) and James Braid (5 titles British Open). Harry Vardon won his second British Open at Prestwick in 1989, defeating the pride of Scotland – Willie Park Jr. with a difference of one stroke.

Besides winning the British Open, he made the first in the history of golf promotional contract with Spalding for $ 500 when the reward for winning the Open was only $ 30.

In 1903, a little later the Open Championship of Golf, Harry was bleeding from the lungs, after which he was taken to Norfolk, where he was recovering from an illness for several months. Soon after, in 1911 and 1914, he finished his career with a triumph, winning the last two British Open. As a result, for 42 years, he earns 6 cups of the most prestigious in the World Championship of Golf – British Open. Vardon was the main professional in South Herts until his death in 1937.By this time, he wrote enough books about this amazing game, among them – “how to play golf.” This is a reference book of many great golfers, and if you want to succeed in this game, you should definitely read it. Whenever begins Ryder Cup team tournament in the UK, the U.S. national team visits the grave of Harry Vardona in Terridge about Golf Club South Herts. Portrait of Harry Vardon placed in the World of Golf Hall of Fame.

If you really want to experience all the talent and excellence of the golfer, then watch the movie: The best game (The Greatest Game Ever Played) on the book of Mark Frost.

Гарри Вардон (Harry Vardon)