On September 29, 2018, the first Alpari Golf Cup was held at the Merops Park Golf Club. The event gathered on the field more than 20 golfers from Moldova. The prize fund of the cup was 30,000 lei. Vyacheslav Secrieru and Anatoly Sokolov scored 36 points each, but according to the tournament regulations, Vyacheslav Secrieru won the second nine better. Moldovan Golf Master Alexander Sirbu scored 35 points and won bronze. A special audience award in the form of golf attributes worth 10,000 lei went to the only female golfer Irina Orlova. The super prize – a check for 20,000 lei – was not drawn, because no one had hit the hole in one.

“We are very grateful to Merops Golf Club for their cooperation and assistance in organizing the tournament. Thanks to our joint efforts, we had a spectacular, interesting and useful event”
– noted Alpari international company.

Alpari Golf Cup 2018