On October 10, at the Merops Park Golf Club, with the support of the main sponsor 7777.md, held the first Ambassador Charity Golf Cup Moldova 2021. The strongest golfers of Moldova took part in it and represented the diplomatic corps accredited in Moldova who fought for prizes in a team format.
According to the results of the tournament, the winners of the tournament were:
1st place team of Moldova – Acristinius Tudor and Evgeniy Komandant.
II place in Italy – Antonio Ivanio and Vasily Kotomin.III place of Moldova – Anatoly Sokolov and Irina Orlova.
The main prize from the sponsor of the company 7777.md. 10,000 euros were awarded by the winners to the Orhei boarding school for children with disabilities.
Not surprisingly, golf is considered the game of ethical athletes and business people around the world. For centuries, the rules of golf themselves have imbibed strict adherence to the rules of the game and the observance of etiquette and mutual respect.Play the ball as it lands is one of the classic rules that our golfers use in business.
The general partner of the tournament is the 7777.md portal, thanks to which children will receive the necessary funding, which will be invested in their urgent needs. Plamen Milanov, director of NGM, said that this charity format of golf tournaments should be held on a quarterly basis.
Permanent Media partners of the tournament:
TVC21 is the favorite television channel of our fellow citizens.

Ambassador Charity Golf Cup Moldova 2021