For period of five years, at the end of June,on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, at Cape Kaliakra, on the territory of ancient Thrace, surrounded by its amazing beauty and uniqueness, on the fields of the golf clubs “Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort”, “BlackSeaRama” and “Thracian Clifs” is hosted the tournament of three fields (54 holes) the most interesting three-star “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN”.
It is based on the principle “Out of age! Outside Borders! “. It gives the opportunity to test the strengths and capabilities of the widest circle of lovers of the Great Game – GOLF. Interest to the tournament increases every year.
Representatives of 23 countries of the world participated in the tournament “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN”. More than 600 players during this time have tested themselves for strength on the insidious fields “Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort”, “BlackSeaRama”, and “Thracian Clifs”.
There are people of different ages, views and cultures. They show their best features of behavior in the game and gentlemanly attitude to rivals. The format of the competition allows all participants to apply different tactical and strategic techniques in the game, and show endurance.
The intrigue lasted until the last hole – as a rule, the winner was determined by finishing in the playoffs.