In golf terminology, it is designated as a Hole-in-one – a hole at a time. It is generally accepted that “such a blow happens very rarely, the probability of hitting an“ average ”player is 1 in 46,000. This is the highest step in the series“ not skill, but luck ”.
Professionals, presumably, from the first hit drive the ball into the hole a little more often, but still it is almost impossible to “catch” this activity, this is not done by order, and guessing who, when and on which hole will hit the target so well is unrealistic …

But in the closed-type club Merops Park Golf Club hole-in-one has already been seen twice.
The discoverer of the Merops PArk Golf Club was Vadim Denisov, a golfer representing the national team of Moldova at international tournaments.
The second on this list was one of the youngest golfers, Andrey Ostapenko, during a practice game.
Both shots were made on Hole 2. This hole is renowned for its complexity and trickyness, although it is a short distance of 95 meters.

Summing up, we can say that hole-in-one is a success that is fixed by professionalism, and it takes years of training or at least 10,000 hours to achieve this skill.

Hole-in-one luck or skill