Media Golf Cup Moldova 13Media Golf Cup Moldova 13

Early Saturday morning – the impossible – about 40 representatives of leading mass media of Moldova and their support groups at 8 am in full combat readiness gathered outside the city in Merops Park Golf Club for one purpose – to fight for the title of winner of the tournament Media Golf Cup Moldova in 2013. Pay attention to the time, place and day of the week 🙂 The game was attended by players who do not have experience playing golf and participating in tournaments, some of which are first picked up a golf club 1-2 times in training before the tournament. But there were those who came to the tournament with no idea about golf, but, nevertheless, did not hesitate to participate.


The tournament was organized in the format of “Fun” party, whose goal was getting to know members of the media culture, traditions and ideas about golf and the creation of an annual platform for the informal meeting of representatives of the media. A golf course is like no other sport is suitable for establishing business contacts and establish friendly relations.


Never in Moldova golf tournament has seen such a large number of participants! Get-together was a success – all imbued with the spirit of the golf course, but acted independently and were joking. How many teachers and experts in golf appeared in Moldova for two weeks 🙂

After scoring, 3 players had to compete because of the resulting tie score. The results of this struggle assigned them a place in our own group, and in the tournament. So:

Tournament results:

The winners Media Golf Cup Moldova in 2103:

1st place – Artemie Palii (Journal Punct)

2nd place – Burac Vlad (TV Publika)

3rd place – Dzechis Alexandr (TV Canal3)


The winners in the category of TV:

1st place – Burac Vlad (Publika)

2nd place – Dzechis Alexandr (Canal3)

3rd place – Vladimir Marcoci (JurnalTv)

The winners in the category Radio:

1st place – Ghenadie Braghis (ProFm)

2nd place – Drozdov Vladimir (Russcoe radio)

3rd place – Balafanova Sura (Avtoradio)

The winners in the category Presa scrisa:

1st place – Artemie Palii (Journal Punct)

2nd place – Vadim Drelinschi (Argumenty i Facty)

3rd place – Solonari Tatiana (Capital Market)

The winners in the category of On-line media:

1st place – Pavel Novac (

2nd place – Ciolac Alexandr (

3rd place – Sidorenco Ecaterina (

The event was organized by the  Golf Association of Moldova, advertising agency Promotion Group  and PR agency  PARC Communication. The partners were pleased to drinking water OM, beer Staropramen, wine Gitana Winery, cookies Figaro, grills Green Egg, BBQ, which was prepared by the walnut briquettes Bio & Flame, Russian cosmetics TianDe, energy drink Red Bull. The winners got the chance to train at the club for a period of Alexia from 1 month to 1 year. Support was printed advertising agency MediaStilGrup. Players and guests were able to admire the cars KIA. For the safety of the tournament medical liability assumed the clinic Medpark.

For reference: Golf Association of Moldova was founded in 1995. Merops Parc Golf Club Golf Association was created in Moldova and partners in 2007. Members of the club – the citizens of Moldova and other countries. The main goals of the club is to promote golf in Moldova and the construction of the first full 18-hole course. Merops Parc Golf Club began hosting the first in Moldova, golf tournaments, and also facilitated the participation of golfers from Moldova (prepared in the club golf academy) at the world championships. Unique solvability in Moldova golf meadow type at the Association course is 9 km from the airport in paragraph Chetrosu.IMG_3954

The birthplace of golf courses are windswept sand dunes of the east coast of Scotland. The first rules of golf were published in 1754 , and the first recorded tournament was held in Scotland in 1744. But in the 20th century, it has spread around the world – it is played in the United Arab Emirates and green oases on the snowy fields of Iceland ( and from there came the fashion for multi-colored balls – orange balls are clearly visible in the snow and , unlike traditional white ) . In the world there are around 35,000 golf courses of which about 50% ( 17,672 ) in the U.S. , 8% – in England ( 2752 ), 7 % ( 2422 ), and our closest neighbors only 11 fields in Russia , 10 fields Bulgaria, Romania 7 , 6 in the Ukraine . Moldova could only boast the only golf academy Merops Park Golf Club c field meadow type and the three -hole . This allows players how to touch the culture course and learn how to make beats, and hold tournaments at the national level within Moldova , and team-building events for clients. Moreover golf only on planet Earth sport cosmic scale – in 1971 during the landing on the moon astronaut Shepard Alna made ​​three three- swing golf balls . Imagine , he was persuaded to bring a golf club and balls on the moon , in the limited space of the spacecraft.

Golf – a game for everyone! It is played from 4 to 86 years. Even a novice athlete has the chance to compete with Tiger Woods, thanks to the handicaps which gives a head start in a certain number of strokes a player a lower level. The worse you play, the greater the odds you get! Imagine trying to play a rookie with our Radu Albota 🙂 And in golf it is possible that not de-motivates the players.

The United States has given the world a democratic course. If in the 19th century, it was a game exclusively for the aristocracy, it is in the U.S. has been the first professional players who do not have social superiority over others. It is in the U.S., you can play at the municipal fields for a few dollars a day, but at the same time, you do not even allowed to attend the closed threshold golf clubs, if you are not from the Kennedy clan and do not pay an annual membership fee of several hundred dollars. In Moldova, the training course will cost you $ 100 USD (rent price putter “Iron” and a basket with 45 balls) a day without a coach (whose services are worth 150 lei per workout). Currently bag with a full set of golf clubs you can bring or order from Europe for 200-300 dollars. There are a lot more expensive models, but whether they are a beginner golfer? I think not.


Golf is open to all who abide by the rules and etiquette of golf. Please note – rules and golf etiquette. This is very important! This is a game for true ladies and gentlemen, that cultivates such obvious values ​​as honor and decency, honesty and respect for opponents. U.S. golf legend Bobby Jones was praised by all for the fact that in 1925 the tournament US Open Golf Cup awarded himself a fine of 1 point, and lost because of this tournament for the occasional touch of the ball by swinging training. Despite the fact that no one has seen. He responded to the eulogies very unambiguous statement:

“There is only one way to play. Might as well be praise and passer, not to rob a bank.”


It’s no secret that 95% of the success of golf depends on the mental state of the player, and only 5% – of the technology game. This game is not for the nervous mind, because you want to be able to fully control himself at the time when the club hits the ball. Golfers believe that the field is not located in the square area of 450 m from the start to the wells, and 15 cm between the ears of the player. There is also the victory in the tournament. American professional Johnny Miller says:


“Every day I try to tell myself that all will be fine. I try to achieve a good frame of mind before going out, and then destroy all the first strike!”

Golf – the most unpredictable game in the world. This is both one of the most painful and most exciting sports. Making the perfect swings today, tomorrow you can stick to dig the ground or send balls to the right or to the left into the bushes.


And, despite the depth of despair caused by golf one day becoming a prisoner, you get them all. One good swing makes you forget about all the bad earlier. You turn into golfomana and want to play and play. And the most important and encouraging the game of golf – a game in which you can not achieve perfection, which is a significant proportion of its charm. You constantly strive to achieve the inconceivable, make unenforceable. And yes – you can achieve perfection … But only in their dreams.


In 2016, at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Zhineyro for the first time in history, golf becomes an Olympic sport. What is the meaning of this amazing game, with the vast army of fans, playing or following hours for their idols? It’s simple – the minimum number of shots (3, 4 or 5 on the wells Par3, Par4 or Par5) to get the ball in the hole. In this case, there are no two identical fields, and in each new game you will open new dimensions of the field are already familiar to you. Game goes from well to well, the amount of which is 9 or 18 wells. Why is 9 or 18? Because English gentlemen golfers decided that, given the fact that during the whole observation period (decades), half a liter of whiskey drinks a player just for 9 holes and 18 holes per liter, it is the most logical argument 🙂

IMG_3913Golf will not only make your life more harmonious, and you sort of Buddha in the ocean passions and problems, but the golf course – it’s exactly the kind of sport that will create your child’s full of harmonious personality, even in view of your overall caseloads and concerns. Think about it.

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