Dear, golf lovers, 
The year 2018 is coming to its end and it is time to have a look back to all of our great achievements.
It is time to think and decide on the future plans that we want to make real in 2019.
Year 2018 brought a lot of vivid, unforgettable memories, warm, sunny days, and also several new and significant tournaments for all of us, golf enthusiasts! 
We have been able to decently represent our small country in the big international tournaments and to improve the already existing infrastructure in the country. 
This year Golf Association has welcomed new very ambitious members to our family who made us stronger and better.
We do hope that more and more talented people will join our big family soon!
Our partners saw the great potential of our team and are looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperation. In the coming 2019 year I want to wish us all health, well-being and family happiness! 
I hope the construction of our beloved Merops Park Golf Club will start in 2019 and we will be able to enjoy our golf game in near future!
Happy New Year!

Roman Ostapenco

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!