On June 12, for the first time, Women’s Day of Golf in Moldova was held at Merops Park Golf Club. More than 20 participants took part in it, who tried their hand at this sport for the first time.
All over the world, Women’s Golf Day is held on June 1, in more than 46 countries and in which more than 20,000 participants worldwide take part. But in Moldova they decided to distinguish themselves and make Women’s Day of Golf on June 12, and make it one of the honorable celebrations in Moldova.
We would like to express our gratitude to our partner for cooperation in this event:
@obolon_moldova @primator_moldova
Kinetotherapy and Rehabilitation Center- @kineto_plus
Flowers delivery- @cadouri_md
Nutritionist Studio VEN SCHOOL and founder Veronika Onika @veronica_venschool .
Photographer @gonceardima_
Women’s Day of Golf in Moldova