On September 19 and 20, Merops Park Golf Club hosted players and guests of the Moldova Volvo World Golf Challenge 2020.
According to the results of two gaming days, the first place was taken by Tudor Akritisny with 70 points.
The second place was taken by Roman Ostapenko with 56 points.
The third place was taken by Vadim Nanu with 54 points.
Long drive – Sergey Aleksey, Closest to the pin – Roman Karpov.
The Company acted as a partner Dionysos-Mereni, who hosted the wine game, presented the best wines and talked about their origins.
And also the DAAK-HERMÈS group of companies, which for the first time held the Volvo World Golf Challenge 2020 in Moldova, but also held it at a high level for the fact that we want to express our gratitude to them.

Moldova Volvo World Golf Challenge 2020